Pams Fresh Chilled Pasta

Private Brand: Pams
Retailer: Foodstuffs Own Brands Limited
Country: New Zealand
Category: G1. Fresh
Agency: Brother Design


Justine Rankine, Creative Director / Senior Designer, Brother Design
Mahani Jones, Senior Designer. Brother Design
Nicole Blackwod, Senior Account Manager, Brother Design
Melanie Jenkins, Photographer, Flash Studios
Jo Wilcox, Food Stylist, Silverspoon
Melissa Steffensen, Marketing Manager, Foodstuffs Own Brand Limited


To redesign the Pams Fresh Pasta range to fit the new Pams brand packaging design. The new Pams Fresh Pasta range design delivers strong visual appeal & product confidence with the use of close-up photography showcasing mouth-watering serving ideas & rustic food styling. Simple, graphic icons communicate key callouts & bright but natural variant colors support easy product differentiation.

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