Jumbo koffie

Private Brand: Jumbo
Retailer: Jumbo supermarkten B.V.
Country: Netherlands
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Guts&Glorious


Vincent Limburg, creative director, Guts&Glorious
Heidi Boersma, creative director, Guts&Glorious
Tijs Kramer, designer, Guts&Glorious
Jacqueline Bout, account manager, Guts&Glorious
Bas Bakker, manager private label, Jumbo supermarkten B.V.
Carin van den Dungen, private label manager, Jumbo supermarkten B.V.


A variety of characteristic coffee products come together in this design statement. Origin, strong beans or just that special aroma make the difference. Jumbo gives every coffee segment its own powerful stage. That makes Jumbo coffee a strong competitor next to the established brands

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