WW Plantitude

Private Brand: Woolworths Plantitude
Retailer: Woolworths
Country: Australia
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Marque Brand Consultants


Anita Williams, Senior Designer. Marque Branding
Nicola Richards, Account Director, Marque Branding
Sandra Dagher, Design Specialist Manager, Woolworths
Rachel Pryce, Head of Food Brands, Woolworths


As consumers are on a journey to reduce meat intake and are looking for alternatives and substitutes, a Woolworths plant-based range will look to cater to different categories across the market. Brand to span multiple categories and to appeal to mainstream customers.
Core objective: To position brand as accessible to broad, mainstream consumers looking to complement their existing repertoire with on-trend plant-based alternatives – without making a compromise on taste.

Creative Solution:

The name “Plantitude” fuses the functional idea that the product is plant-based with a sense of attitude. This is reinforced with the playful and quirky interaction between photography and illustrations, which highlights both the appetite appeal of the product as well as eludes to the idea that these products are grown. The color palette chosen reflects bright, fresh colors and are ranged into categories. Callouts are used to speak to the consumer and educate them as to what is in the product through speech bubbles and leaves. Each of these elements builds the Plantitude brand and ensure that the messaging challenges the misconception that plant-based foods lack flavor and fun.

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