Duck Snack Series

Private Brand: Liang Shi Ji
Retailer: WuMart
Country: China
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: ReTech Labs


Joan Liang, Marketing Director. ReTech Labs
Chris Xu, Art Manager, ReTech Labs
Jing Xu, Designer, ReTech Labs
Herc Fan, Assistant Designer, ReTech Labs


The packaging uses dark color as the background, supported with the tone of barbecue and spices in dynamic movements to create an association with the taste and stimulate the appetite of the consumers. As a snack series, the products are not named after the main original ingredient, rather, it adopts the internet buzzwords, which are close to life, and are in tune with the product positioning as an online celebrity by meeting the needs of the targeted young consumers. Overall, the packaging design is vivid and coordinated in style, and it demonstrates the characteristics of the products while keeping in close touch with the online trend.

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