McDaniel’s Holiday Bagged Coffees

Private Brand: McDaniel’s
Retailer: Save A Lot
Country: USA
Category: B4. Holiday Or Limited-Edition Private Brand
Agency: Marks Design


Tim Brazier, Design Manager. Save A Lot
Debbie Kipp, Production Leader, Save A Lot
Bridget Schuller, Brand Director, Save A Lot
Nic Lama, Creative Director, Marks Design
Vincci Fung, Designer, Marks Design


Our new bagged coffees have been the centerpiece of the McDaniel’s coffee line, with six core everyday flavors as well as seasonal items, like our line of holiday coffees. The packaging for our holiday flavors was specifically created to play up the festive spirit of the holidays while giving enough flexibility for the line to continue its availability through the first few months of the new year. Holiday coffees were introduced just before Thanksgiving and have driven strong sales

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