Private Brand: Watermellow
Retailer: Eurocash / Kontigo
Country: Poland
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Aleksandra Szmak Studio



Watermellow is a modern skin-care brand offering natural face and body cosmetics, whose main benefit is skin hydration, to Polish women that look for high quality at a reasonable price. All products have a fresh watermelon smell and contain the main beneficial ingredient—watermelon. The brand’s cosmetics include at least 90% of natural ingredients, is enriched with pomegranate, aloe, and hyaluronic acid, among others. Watermelon is an electrolyte effectively hydrating to the skin.

The problem

The main objective was to create a design emphasizing that watermelon is the dominant ingredient, and also show it as something so unique that it makes the consumer feel as if interacting with a small work of art that affects senses.
The solution

Creating elements of the brand that are simple, consistent, based on one component with a unique personality, such as a hand-drawn illustration. The logo design capitalizes on the selected typography to enhance the use of single-ingredient, delicacy, refinement, and hydration. The font uses soft edges for some letters to better correspond with the brand’s philosophy.

The Watermellow logo uses the contrast between typefaces Lato Bold and Lato Light to highlight the main ingredient of electrolyte. Additionally, the letter “A” has been modified to make a clear connection with watermelon seeds.

The artwork was designed by Aleksandra Szmak exclusively for the Watermellow brand. It highlights the spontaneous character of the fruit and uses duplications of the color as on the real canvas. The brand manifests natural gestures and looks as if painted by a child to highlight the brand’s natural side.

The result

As a result, a unique, fresh, one-of-a-kind product range has been developed. The brand with a simple and consistent architecture but also an artistic touch and own personality that differentiates Watermellow from competitors.

It is worth mentioning that the illustration was covered by the metallization effect to complement the aspirational character of the brand.

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