NEX Wanderling

Private Brand: Wanderling
Retailer: Navy Exchange
Country: United States
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: The Thorburn Group


Jo-Anne Ebensteiner, President, Writer. The Thorburn Group
Elizabeth Bjorklund, Designer, The Thorburn Group
Scott Furlough, Brand Identity Manager, Navy Exchange Service Command
Richard Honiball, CMO, Navy Exchange Service Command
Various, Photographer,


The purpose was to name, design, and execute a private label identity and brand within the baby’s clothing category. The brand connects the selective market of parents and grandparents that would emotionally connect with the product. To find a name that resonated, Wanderling is magical, fun, engaging, and optimistic. The name needed to represent the category, spirit of the logo, and photography that directly connected to the audience. Wanderling has a tone that is fun and charming, and it helps the buyers take on that tone and have a strong compass of attitude.

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