McDaniel’s Coffee

Private Brand: McDaniel’s
Retailer: Save A Lot
Country: USA
Category: B2. Redesigned Brand
Agency: Marks Design


Tim Brazier, Design Manager. Save A Lot
Debbie Kipp, Production Leader, Save A Lot
Nic Lama, Creative Director, Marks Design
Vincci Fung, Designer, Marks Design
Lauren Lincoln, Account Manager, Marks Design


Save A Lot set out to enhance the existing McDaniel’s brand to create a gourmet coffee house experience at home, evoking a sense of expertise in the coffee world. Our goal was to develop a system that embraced the dark, rich, robust nature of coffee while allowing the flexibility to showcase flavor. The reinvented brand provides a total coffee solution, from our new bagged coffees, to our enhanced K-cup line and canister coffee, as well as our ready-to-drink line and non-dairy creamers. The clean and unified package design has helped solidify McDaniel’s as a powerhouse brand for Save A Lot

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