Kusabana Japanese Haircare

Private Brand: Kusabana
Retailer: Dairy Farm Intnl / Mannings
Country: Hong Kong
Category: P5. Body Care
Agency: Passionfruit Asia Ltd


Liem Cheung, Art Director. Passionfruit Asia Ltd
Harumi Kubo, Art Director
Craig Briggs, CEO & Founder
Antoinette Lasjunies, Brand Director, Dairy Farm / Mannings
Segolene Defline, Director, Dairy Farm / Mannings


Summary: Japanese beauty products are in high demand in Asia. A new line of hair care featuring Japanese botanical oils and onsen water (amazing olfactory/sensory experience for the user) was created, highlighting its Japanese origin.

Problem: Other Japanese-themed haircare brands exist in HK and are popular. A new entry in this “hot” category needs to balance the cute/girly (“kawaii” in Japanese) aspect of beauty with serious, ingredient-based, and emotive benefits.


Create a distinctive, Japanese look & feel for the brand

Dynamically communicate the sensory nature of the brand

Design for powerful shelf ‘stand-out’

Solution: Create a packaging solution integrating all elements: Name (“Kusabana” = “flowering nature”), kana fonts, faceted, teardrop bottle & regal crest & metallic effects – creating a romantic, sensorial explosion reflecting its Japanese origins and rich, floral fragrance.

Results: #2 in sales in the competitive Japanese hair care segment within Mannings stores in HK, Macau

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