Private Brand: Profi
Retailer: Profi Romania
Country: Romania
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Daymon


Rui Bravo, Designer. Daymon
Elsa Castanheira, Account Executive, Daymon


Profi Romania wanted to relaunch their Private Brand program with a new mainstream brand. The decision was to use the banner brand. Why? Because the banner brand is a unique differentiator. Permits to build banner loyalty by creating a single voice, unifying store and product under the same brand.

The new brand needed to stretch from value to value add. The packaging design needed to speak out the values of each category. Delivering quality and trust. Involving and seducing the consumer. Always fresh and adaptable. Authentic and innovative in the market.
The final packaging Design solution is born from the brand itself. The shape of the Profi logo is used as the main design element in different ways. Sometimes big, sometimes as an explosion. Creating a branded feeling across different products and ranges. The result? An easy to recognize brand. Innovative, vibrant and focused in redefining everyday quality.

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