Private Brand: Evamay
Retailer: Woolworths
Country: Australia
Category: P4. Health Care:
Agency: Boxer & Co.


Mark Haygarth, Creative Director, Boxer & Co.
Nicoletta Braach-Maksvytis, Senior Designer, Boxer & Co.
Sophie Challenor, Head of Non Food Brands, Woolworths FoodCo Marketing
Nimarta Verma, Brand Manager, Non Food, Woolworths FoodCo


Woolworths had the ambition to increase market share within the feminine hygiene category, consolidating the Homebrand and Protect brands under a new identity; Evamay. It was essential that the brand conveyed trust, efficacy and discretion.

We developed a strategic positioning inspired by empowering women everywhere, helping them feel and be unstoppable. We created a range of iconic female illustrations with confident poses that would appeal to women of all ages. The women were designed to be emerging from bold patterned prints in a simple monochrome palette to give a distinctly different look and feel from everything else on shelf.

Given this is a category built on efficacy and trust, we created a clear navigation system using already established category colors. Discreet illustrations showing the format help make navigation even simpler. We adapted the design for the feminine wipe and wash to align to the softness and delicacy within this segment of the category.

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