Personnelle Tissue Pack

Private Brand: Personnelle
Retailer: Pharmacie Jean Coutu
Country: Canada
Category: P5. Body Care
Agency: Cabana Séguin


Martine Gadbois, Creative Director. Cabana Séguin Inc.
Andrea Lange, Account Director, Cabana Séguin Inc.
Sandrine Henkinbrant, Art Director, Cabana Séguin Inc.
Marc Dufresne, Production Director, Cabana Séguin Inc.
Stéphane Geoffrion, Digital Designer, Cabana Séguin Inc.


Development of packaging for a series of three creatively distinct packaging visuals for a Personnelle tissue 3-pack, designed to attract and build product loyalty.

Tissues meet a basic human need; building product loyalty for tissue packs can be a challenge! The Personnelle tissue product is housed in a wallet-style flap pack. We created a series of three visually distinct tissue packages, housed in a single common display tray. A window, integrated at a different spot in each of the 3 packs, shows the quality of the product within.

Using our b/w concept as the example here, we framed the product-reveal window with a series of simple, strong, solid patterns in black and white for a clean, modern design. When the pack unfolds, revealing the tissues within, we discover an amusing quotation: “Life isn’t only black and white”… a nod to the package’s monochromatic color.

The remaining two concepts in the line have their own design and quotation. This offers visual variety and color, while creating interest, impact, and helping build brand loyalty.

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