Prince & Spring Jackpot Popcorn

  • COUNTRY: United States
  • CATEGORY: G3. Packaged Goods
  • AGENCY: Boxed


  • Jeff Gamsey: VP Private Brands
  • Chris Cheung: Creative Director
  • Ryan Carl: VP Design
  • Brandon Wehmeyer: Senior Product Developer
  • Vera Atamian: Senior Package Designer
  • Annslee Deluca: Brand Manager & Copy Writer
  • Monica Kim: Graphic Artist

SUMMARY: Jackpot Popcorn by Prince & Spring was designed to reflect the fun that accompanies each mouthful and makes consumers smile as if they’ve won the lottery. Each bag bursts with kernels that are full of flavor and crunchy goodness that will have customer hooked from the first handful. The product is brought to life through bold packaging, lively text and eye-grabbing graphics that seem as though they are popping off the bag. We started with a color exploration and ended with a vivid turquoise and purple as flavor colors accompanied by tonal accents, each vibrant enough to stand out, yet subtle enough to highlight the popcorn itself. It was the intention of the team that Jackpot deliver a delightful experience from start to finish. The bold and askew logo accompanied by whimsical accents are meant to capture the fun and playful nature of eating popcorn: plump kernels jumbled inside the bag, how they’re tossed into the air and caught in your mouth, how you get the last few bites by upending the bag.

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