FruityLab Shower Gel

  • RETAILER: Kontigo / Eurocash S.A.
  • COUNTRY: Poland
  • CATEGORY: P5. Body Care
  • AGENCY: Aleksandra Szmak Studio


  • Creative Direction & Execution: Aleksandra Szmak
  • Visualization: Kontigo

SUMMARY: This brand is a new range of shower gels, at affordable prices, with a unique visual identity. The objective is to highlight the intense colors and boost the appetite to experiment with new smells. As such, it appeals to a group of young polish women seeking innovation, simplicity, and uniqueness. The objective is to keep it simple and enhance the essence of the smell and color in ways that embody the temptation to experiment in your own lab. Problem solved: Designed to foment the idea of experimentation, it establishes the analogy of treating your bathroom as a private laboratory, where you may play with intensive colors, smells and also perceive the actual packaging itself as an attractive decoration. The design is inspired by Mendeleev’s table and the packaging reminds of chemistry tubes. A Polish physicist and chemist, Maria Sklodowska Curie discovered two elements, polonium and radium thus the association with chemistry is very close to the hearts of Poles. Creative solution: In order to enhance the strong personality of the brand, the only color used on the artwork is black, with modern, strong typography covering the transparent bottle, filled with the colorful liquid inside. The chromatic intensity of the liquid gel, as well as its fruitiness, resemble in all accounts the very nature of the several fruits included in this range. The result: The simplicity of design guaranteed fast identification of the product on the shelf and making the printing process affordable. Products were located on specially designed plexi element to make them look more like chemistry tubes and to infuse joy of color and experiment into everyday life.

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