AH Broodstrooisels

  • RETAILER: Albert Heijn
  • COUNTRY: The Netherlands
  • CATEGORY: G3. Packaged Goods


  • Brand Director/Strategy: Evelyn Hille / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Senior Design Director: Ditte Glebbeek / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Designer: Fernando Ibanez / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Illustrations: Jasmijn Evans / Art Associates

SUMMARY: It’s raining sprinkles… For generations, the packaging of AH Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) was aimed at children. Changing marketing ethics made Albert Heijn take responsibility and stop focusing on children. The challenge: how can we reposition AH Broodstrooisels (sprinkles) by means of a clear, appealing and distinctive design concept? With ‘It’s raining sprinkles over all of Holland (Dutch: Heel Holland strooit)’ we succeeded: the iconic, real Dutch packaging takes you on a journey through our beautiful, varied country: with colored hail to the ‘Bollenstreek’, with pure sprinkles to the ‘Wadden’, with milk sprinkles to the Dome Tower and canals of Utrecht … By means of lively, almost nostalgic postcards you will be invited to rediscover all those special places. Entertaining, inspiring and even a little educative for the whole family. With this new packaging concept, we have succeeded in positioning AH Broodstrooisels (chocolate and fruit sprinkles) in a distinctive manner on the shelf, which for the time being is dominated by national brands.

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