AH Farm Dairy

  • RETAILER: Albert Heijn
  • COUNTRY: The Netherlands
  • CATEGORY: G2: Organic And Natural Food


  • Brand Director / Strategy: Evelyn Hille / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Senior Design Director: Ditte Glebbeek / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Designer: Fernando Ibanez / dBOD / VBAT Group
  • Illustrations: Harald Sprenkeling / dBOD / VBAT Group

SUMMARY: With AH farm dairy, Albert Heijn is a step further than ‘just organic’. It is a pure and honest product with distinctive intrinsic values. We wanted a packaging concept that, from these values, immediately rings a bell when you stand in front of the dairy shelf. By choosing an authentic illustration style, the pure character of the product comes to life and we distinguish ourselves from other dairy brands. With simple pen drawings we have brought to life the pure nature of the special nature reserve in which the cows graze. Honest, traditional and unadorned; just like the product itself. Special detail: the illustration is slightly different on each product variant. The shape of the packaging, a transparent ‘vintage’ bottle reminiscent of the milkman bottles from a bygone era underlines the authenticity.

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