Consum Zumasté

  • RETAILER: Supermercados Consum
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • CATEGORY: G6. Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
  • AGENCY: Rosebud/Consum


  • Account management: María José Alonso
  • Account executive: Marta Celada
  • Art and design management: Amparo Doménech
  • Creative conceptualization: Sira Mollá

SUMMARY: Brief The assignment was to design packaging and naming for a new refrigerated juice product by the Consum private label. The product is a fruit juice with added tea extracts. Create a name that is not simply the brand and the flavor but that announces the innovative component of the product: juice + tea. Be innovative with the design because the recipe itself is innovative, i.e. it is not just cold tea or cold juice, but the sum of both. It has to make you stop and look at it. The label material is transparent acetate, so the product is required to be seen through it in some areas. Creative solution One of the product’s strong points is a name that fully describes its composition (juice + tea) while evoking oriental culture and which reads almost like a mantra: Zumasté. This is complemented by the recreation of oriental culture achieved through having a teapot as the backbone of the design, along with the colors, fonts and print style used for the illustration. Transparency has been used creatively in details such as the teapot to allow the customer to see the actual product color. Results A design and name proposal that: Announces the product’s particular characteristics (juice + tea). Is differentiated and powerful. Represents the oriental cultural attributes associated with tea, although it is a juice.

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