Madre Mia: The Wanted

  • RETAILER: Modelo Continete Hipermercados SA
  • COUNTRY: Portugal
  • CATEGORY: B1. New Brand
  • AGENCY: Fuel


  • Fuel Agency
  • SonaeMC Packaging & Design Team

SUMMARY: An exclusive brand of Continente, Madre Mia! Madre Mia is inspired by the universe of legendary villains and thrilling adventurers who lived on the fringes of the law. Each reference has its own storytelling, for example: “Money & Clyde became one of the most dangerous couples of American history. Money has become famous not only for its habit of ‘collecting’ bags of money but also by the implacable way he devoured french fries flavored with Valentina sauce before each attack.” The result is an imaginary world of great visual richness, from which was born the ‘Wanted’ collection of sauces.

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