Uniquely J Sparkling Water

  • RETAILER: Jet.com
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • CATEGORY: G6. Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
  • AGENCY: Elmwood Design Inc.


  • Brand Manager: Jamie Krusewicz Jet.com & Jet.com Private Brand Team
  • Elmwood Design Inc.
  • Art Director: Samantha Barbagiovanni
  • Designer: Connie Ahn
  • Illustrators: Irradie

SUMMARY: As Jet.com looks to continue to expand their impact across categories, it is important to ensure that each category has a unique point of view. For sparkling water, it is no exception as the category continues to quickly evolve. The design solution for Uniquely J Sparkling water looks to evoke an engaging and proud moment for every fridge.

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