Sensations Cluck-Wing Sauce

  • RETAILER: Sobeys
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • CATEGORY: G3. Packaged Goods
  • AGENCY: Fish out of Water Design


  • Brand Manager: Bonnie McCrone
  • Art Direction: Sarah Grundy
  • Designer: Janet New
  • Account Manager: Jennifer Harvey
  • Pre-Press: Autumn Graphics
  • Printer: Fort Dearborn Company

SUMMARY: To keep pace with the market, Sobeys added a Wing Sauce to their hot sauce/BBQ sauce category since market share for private label wing sauce was sitting at 18.5% with Compliments brand at 13.4%. The team met the design challenge by cutting through a very cluttered category. Our approach included using clearly legible copy with a simple yet powerful illustration to draw the eye. Sensations Cluck-Wing wing sauce design is a playful combination of “Fight Club” meets retro poster with bold naming and bright colors. It provides a premium look-and-feel with a little funk and attitude. The kick-ass chicken conveys the bite behind the spice with strong communication clearly explaining varied uses for the sauces. Strong color blocking for SKU differentiation and unique flavor naming appeals to the adventurous palate of the target consumer looking for an exciting adventure where taste reigns supreme. Cluck-Wing wing sauces have exceeded sales targets.

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