Consum Smoothies

  • RETAILER: Supermercados Consum
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • CATEGORY: G6. Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
  • AGENCY: Rosebud/Consum


  • Account management: María José Alonso
  • Account executive: Marta Celada
  • Art and design management: Amparo Doménech
  • Creative conceptualization: Ana María Tebar

SUMMARY: The assignment was to design packaging and naming for three new refrigerated juice products by the Consum private label. The products are three flavors of smoothies made from a combination of fruit and vegetables.

  • Create a name that is not simply the brand + flavor but is different for each product. A way to conjure up green, red and yellow.
  • Announce the product: a natural and healthy combination of fruit and vegetables in smoothie format. Capture the percentage of fruit and vegetables that make up each product.
  • Represent the colors and the texture of the product in the packaging. The label material is transparent acetate, so the product is required to be seen through it in some areas.

Creative solution The product is conceptualized based on music, as the universal language that appeals to everyone. Based on this, each smoothie represents a musical style that matches the ingredients: rock, samba and jazz. The color palette for each product is based on the fruit and vegetables in each of them, complementing the name. The product ingredients and the percentage of fruit and vegetables have been captured in transparencies in the form of decibels. Results A design and name proposal that: Has been conceptualized in an original way, yet where we can still distinguish the personality of the 3 products individually. Announces the product (mix of fruit and vegetables) in a clear, notorious and radically different way.

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