Consum Premium Recipe

  • RETAILER: Consum
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • CATEGORY: B1. New Brand
  • AGENCY: Supermercados Consum


  • Account Directors – Managing Directors: Marta Álvarez / Ana Niño
  • Strategic Planning: Ana Niño
  • Creative Director: Pau Rodilla
  • Art Director: Jordi Escrivá

SUMMARY: Premium Recipe is a new range of products of the Consum own brand based on the originality of its raw material. Products with a special formulation or attractive recipes in which the premium is the ingredient and therefore, its design, should generate a suggestive and sophisticated image, without becoming too exclusive. Our proposal was that the product was the protagonist and is always presented through very careful photography, natural ingredients with harmonic and very visual compositions that evoke gourmet cuisine, but not as a finished dish, but as a production process. Simplicity is the basis of the sophisticated image we sought. That’s why the ingredients reflect their beauty without artifices or artificial embellishment. Only the light of the photograph and a range of color suitable for the image make up the final design. As part of this design, the Consum Premium Recipe brand was redesigned, looking through the new typography for a simpler and more elegant image, according to the positioning of premium ingredients that characterize it. The design of Consum Premium Recipe has been very well valued among the customers who have participated in the pre-test of the product and its launch will take place between January and December 2018.

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