World Market Limited Edition Holiday

  • RETAILER: World Market
  • CATEGORY: B4. Holiday Or Limited-Edition
  • AGENCY: In house design at Cost Plus World Market


  • Art Director: Jeffrey Pelo
  • Art Direction and Design: Carrie Binney
  • Design: Christa Compomizzo-Ruiz
  • Production: Mike Lippert
  • Photography: Steve Underwood

SUMMARY: A line of specialty items imported from Europe specifically for the holiday season that needed to feel festive, artisan and giftable. We utilized a proprietary pattern by deconstructing it and applying it differently across a collection of skus that hung together through the application of the pattern and the color palette. Each piece is different and unique but still relates to one another. Our goal was to have it feel sophisticated, along with a bit of heritage and tradition, but with a contemporary twist.

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