Prince & Spring Epsom Salts

Brand: Prince & Spring
Country: United States
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Prince & Spring

Prince & Spring’s line of premium Epsom salts features beautiful watercolor illustrations of a clawfoot bathtub filled with elements evocative of the fragrance. The Lavender-Scented Epsom Salt has lavender flowers emerging from its basin. The tagline “LAVENDAAAAAHHH” alludes to the relaxation of soaking in these salts. The Fragrance-Free Epsom Salt features large crystals signifying the premium pure salt crystals that are used in our product. The tagline, “SPA-SOME!” is a nod to the attraction of turning your bathroom into your own at-home spa. The Eucalyptus-Scented Epsom Salt features branches emerging from the tub with a smiling koala feasting on the leaves! The tagline “RELEAF YOUR STRESS” makes a light pun combining the leafiness of eucalyptus and the calming effect of the Epsom salts. The soft, cool colors of lavender, powder blue, and mint, combined with the pleasant taglines immediately set the tone for the calm and lavishness these products provide.


  • Jeff Gamsey – VP of Private Brands
  • Chris Cheung – Creative Director
  • Vera Atamian – Senior Designer
  • Annslee DeLuca – Brand Manager & Copy Writer
  • Brandon Wehmeyer – Senior Product Developer
  • Monica Kim – Graphic Designer
  • David Kim – Illustrator

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