Live Well

Brand: PnP Live Well
Retailer: Pick n Pay

Country: South Africa
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Daymon

The purpose of the Live Well brand is to be a quick and simple alternative to the consumer that is looking for a healthier lifestyle.

The main design challenge was to create a brand with its own personality, easily identifiable on shelf and that transmits this new positioning in the market as a specialty brand for people that care.

Packaging design is simple and delicate, almost medical, reinforced by the presence of white and magenta. Photography has a – what you see is what you get – look and feel. A dedicated iconography system was developed for the consumer to visualize the benefits of a balanced choice: low fat, reduced sugar, reduced salt, no added sugar, and more.


  • Design: Sigbjorn Gjennestad
  • Account Executive: Ines Santos / Nadieha Petersen

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