Brand: Nice!
Country: USA
Category: B2. Redesigned Brand
Agency: Soulsight/Walgreens

Objective: Reposition/redesign the Nice! & Delish brands

  • Initially developed with minimal customer feedback at inception in 2011
  • Product placement within the brands not clear
  • Not getting credit for value
  • Not getting credit for quality


  • Balanced F&B only brand
  • Multiple food tiers (consolidating Delish into Nice! premium

Creative Solution:

  • Satisfaction guarantee bringing quality to the front of pack
  • Health corner making it quick & easy to understand key health attributes
  • Brandmark reminds her of a smile; tagline to reinforce what we stand for
  • Woodgrain background portraying an honest look
  • Versioning band reminiscent of custom labels to communicate quality
  • Product pictured in a delicious way


  • Increased sales/customer
  • Snack items +20%
  • Meat snacks +12%, top sku +29%
  • Jerky/Organic items +50% better than forecast
  • Top 3 popcorn skus +49%
  • Highest reaching one-hour Twitter party in the history of campaigns, 56.5MM impressions, over 5,400 tweets, $5.05 ROI
  • Overall Nice! brand trends turning around


  • Jodi Kier, Senior Brand Manager, Owned Brands, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Nancy Garver, Senior Director Brand Management/Product Development, Owned Brands, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Helayna Minsk, Group Vice President, Walgreens Retail Brands, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • James Pietruszynski, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Soulsight
  • Delanie Carney, Associate Account Strategy Manager, Soulsight
  • Stephanie Crair, Creative Director, Soulsight
  • Jessica Feld, Senior Account + Strategy Manager, Soulsight
  • Laura Zoller, Senior Manager, Owned Brands Research, Walgreens Boots Alliance

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