Pick Local

Brand: Pick Local
Pick n Pay
Country: South Africa
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Daymon

Pick Local is a special brand that aims to touch people’s hearts. It represents Pick n Pay’s program that supports small businesses of local South African producers and suppliers.

The challenge was to give visibility to the program and to promote its products together with all the stories behind those small local activities. Packaging solution needed to communicate all of this to Pick n Pays regular customers.

Onthe packaging, the brand works as a stamp with an emotional tone given by its handwritten typography and a hand-drawn heart. It’s a brand from and for the community, to involve producers, retailer, and consumers around one movement.

With a crafty mood, the design explores the stories of those local producers. Stories about people and their small business, people that deliver top quality products. The story is always told with a picture of the producer, showing that human side of the program.


  • Creative Direction: Jens Sievert
  • Design: Carina Sousa / Katlego Matabane
  • Account Executive: Margarida Lacerda / Nadieha Petersen
  • Final Artist: Josiah Tsokedi / Devon Ford

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