Tiny Tots

Brand: PnP Tiny Tots
Pick n Pay
Country: South Africa
Category: P5. Baby
Agency: Daymon

The challenge was to develop a relevant baby brand to compete with national brands on shelf in South Africa.

There was a need to transmit emotion but also quality. Having that in mind, the objective was to create a concept that speaks trust and conveys the message of that special connection between a parent and its baby. The name, Tiny Tots, reinforces that idea and makes a connection to newborns, infants, toddlers, and children.

The whole range is characterized by a cloud that is always presented, reminding us of kid’s drawings and how delicate our products are.

Inspired by the animal kingdom (since we are in Africa) drawings of different species were developed. Each product has its own special pair of animal’s illustrations representing the bonding between mother/father and child. Together with soft colors and a handwritten typography, the concept shows quality, coziness and above all, love.


  • Creative Direction: Jens Sievert
  • Design: Inês de Almeida Batista
  • Account Executive: Inês Santos

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