Brand: Macro
Country: Australia
Agency: Marque Brand Consultants

Our brief was to grow Macro in new categories to a wider audience & to make healthy eating, mainstream. As Australian consumers knew & trusted Macro, we leveraged on the assets that were familiar to them. We modernized the existing logo, making it a beacon for healthy eating and connected with consumers through the message of “what’s inside matters”.


  • Brand Strategy: Marcel Wijnen. Lynette Sandhu.
  • Design team: Marcel Wijnen. Stacey Ayers. Polly Barton. Jess Parisi.
  • Writer: Lynette Sandhu
  • Design Realisation: Steve Hoffman. Peita Neale. Ed Graves. Don Reynolds.
  • Project Manager: Suzi Della-Pietra. Blanca Veiga.
  • Woolworths Brand Team: Rachel Pryce, Kate Walker, Jade Tonkin

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