Personnelle Depilatory

Brand: Personnelle
Jean Coutu Group
Country: Canada
Category: P3. Body Care
Agency: Cabana Séguin inc.

This Personnelle product line is all about color! Therefore the innovation we brought to the line branding design was assigning multi-purpose “intent” to the color! The large, imposing splash that differentiates each product formula, was brilliantly created around a fetching feminine form and lifestyle reality: a billowing skirt and a dainty leg! The colour choices are eye-catching, and the common illustration communicates customer “need” in a most delightful way! Thus the concept goes the extra distance in attracting attention for all three product types – lotion (tubes), wax (jars) and strips (headers) – which are placed in different category sections, not side-by-side on shelves.


  • Brand Manager : Guy Jinchereau
  • Creative Direction : Martine Gadbois
  • Art Director : Valérie Fouché
  • Graphic Designer : Eve Paquet
  • Illustrator : Stéphane Geoffrion
  • Account Director : Andrea Lange
  • Production Manager : Marc Dufresne

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