Pingo Doce Pasta

Brand: Pingo Doce
Pingo Doce
Country: Portugal
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Daymon


The development of a pasta range is always a challenge. Specifically, when the range is made of many different products making it one of the most diverse ranges in store. As usual, the packaging is always full of transparency and few colors are allowed in the print process.

The solution to overcome this was a simple color-based approach. Specific pasta illustrations were made to reinforce the idea of traditional homemade pasta. Colors were selected to be comfortable but still visible on shelf.

The result is a very consistent range, with a tight color palette, that targets all customers and it’s easy to recognize in store.


  • Creative Direction: Jens Sievert
  • Design: Catarina Almeida
  • Account Executive: Lucia Coelho

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