Sam’s Choice Italia

Brand: Sam’s Choice
Country: United States
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Anthem

Walmart’s objective was to build customer loyalty through a new line of curated global foods under the Sam’s Choice brand.  While the initial launch would feature Italian fare, the long-term goal was to create a platform that could easily transfer to any regional cuisine from around the world.

Sam’s Choice Italia included authentic Italian products, all sourced and imported from Italy.  The packaging design needed to communicate that everything about Italia was purely Italian.

The shelving strategy was to create a design that was memorable and easy to find, no matter where the products were placed in store. Strong Italian-inspired cues create a powerful brand blocking effect and stand out from regular Sam’s Choice products. The over-arching design structure cohesively ties all Italia products together, while still allowing for differentiation at the SKU level.  The design looks authentic, giving customers a reason to believe in the brand’s higher value.


  • Creative Director: Gerard Rizzo
  • Design Director: Tracey Ujfalussy
  • Account Director: Bernadette Sheppard / Leigh Waycaster
  • Photographer:  Wak Pictures, Susan Kinast
  • Walmart Design Lead: Sarah Paskell

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