Pams Finest

Brand: Pams Finest
Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd.
Country: New Zealand
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Brother Design

The Pams Finest Range is a sophisticated, top-tier selection of exciting and delicious products, each designed to create an eating experience. An absolute delight for lovers of gourmet food. The elegant combination of black and white contrasts beautifully with mouthwatering food pictorials, tempting the most discerning taste buds.


  • Art Director & Designer: Paula Bunny
  • Designers: Mahani Jones, Justine Rankine, Kirsty Harvey
  • Account Managers: Nicole Blackwood, Jenny McMillan
  • Photographers: Shaun Cato-Symonds, Melanie Jenkins
  • Stylist: Jo Wilcox, Jo Bridgford, Julie Le Clerc

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