• Category: G9. Packaged Goods
    Retailer: Canadian Tire
    Country: Canada
    Agency: Jump Branding & Design Inc
  • Summary:
    In a category dominant with national brand presence, the FRANK packaging utilizes wit and humor without sacrificing simplicity.  Through unique product-based copywriting and illustrations, we were able to bring the playful and irreverent character of FRANK to life.
  • Credits:
  • Sanja Stojakovic – Designer
  • Kaitlyn Haddlesey – Designer
  • Jason Hemsworth – Strategic Director
  • Adam Armstrong – Creative/Account Director
  • Photography – Stacey Brandford
  • Anthony Wolf – Associate Vice President
  • Lauren Turchet – Brand Manager
  • Emma Horner – Brand Consultant
  • Lauren Breslin- Packaging Specialist, Copywriter
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