371 - Culotte_entrainement_TOUSAWARD: Gold
Personnelle Training Pants
PRIVATE BRAND: Personnelle
RETAILER: The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc.
CATEGORY: P5. Health Care
AGENCY: Cabana Séguin inc.

House brand skus created to compete with the Canadian national brands. Designed to attract a multi-ethnic group of parents, while making it more exciting for kids to wear the product. The most important info is repeated on 4 of the 6 sides to ensure that it’s recognizable however it is stocked.


  • Creative Director: Martine Gadbois
  • Art Director: Sandrine Henkinbrant
  • Graphic Designer: Stéphane Geoffrion
  • Account Manager: Andrea Lange
  • Supplier:  Irving Personal Care Ltd

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