391 - TOB_VertexAwards_MarqueAWARD: Gold
Woolworths The Odd Bunch
PRIVATE BRAND: Woolworths The Odd Bunch
RETAILER: Woolworths
COUNTRY: Australia
CATEGORY: G9. Packaged Goods
AGENCY: Marque Brand Consultants

Born of the concern for the high volume of quality fresh produce being discarded due to minor imperfections, The Odd Bunch turns slightly misshapen, blemished produce into fun characters, engaging the customer, reassuring them of the produce quality. The result: a significant drop in wasted produce.


  • Marque Brand Consultants-
  • Lead Designer: Craig Burrows
  • Account Director: Suzi Della-Pietra
  • General Manager: Kay Chrystal Lord
  • Photographer: Andrew Stavert
  • Woolworths
  • Design Specialist: Lucy Bower

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