Jumbo BLK dairy

Private Brand: Jumbo
Retailer: Jumbo Supermarkten
Country: The Netherlands
Category: G2: Organic And Natural Food
Agency: OD designstudio


Sabine Simons Brand Manager Jumbo supermarkten
Simone Hoogendorp, Account manager, OD designstudio
Esther Baas, Designer, OD designstudio
Jan van der Hoeven, Illustrator, Housefly
Sofie Manuputty, dtp, OD designstudio
Niels Alkema, Creative director, OD designstudio


Jumbo is the first supermarket chain to introduce daily fresh milk and yogurt with the 1-star Beter Leven quality mark. With this, Jumbo is taking the next step to realize its ambition: in 2022 all milk products on the shelves will be more sustainable. By portray the cows on the pack in a very natural and realistic way, the pack shows that this milk is about the well-being of the animals who produce the milk. The finely crafted black and white illustrations and the name of the cows next to their portrait, reminds the consumer that milk is coming from a living animal and not from a factory.

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