Usong Kids Paper Line

Private Brand: Usong
Retailer: Yonghui
Country: China
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Daymon


Alexanders Reuts, Echo Chen, Jennifer Li, Vivian Chan, Bonnie Zhang, Lynn Chen, Helen Wang, Tina Jiang


Usong cartoon line is a new product line designed mainly for children. A series of animal characters were created to differentiate from the rest of the paper product line and to resonate with children through themes of fun and friendship. The design featured several forest animals including Song Bao, a squirrel who loves cleaning; Baobaotu, a soft and cute rabbit; Aoao, a clever owl; and Feifei, a diligent bee. These like-minded friends play happily in the forest and together make life beautiful and better. Furthermore, the character “U” is applied in all design to enhance the visual identity of the brand “Usong” to guarantee consumers quality, easy to use products and a good life.

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