AH Masterkitchen

Private Brand: AH Masterkitchen
Retailer: Albert Heijn
Country: The Netherlands
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: VBAT


Ditte Glebbeek, Sr Design Director, VBAT
Evelyn Hille, Account Director, VBAT
Saskia Hellegers, Designer, VBAT


Making the Asian Kitchen accessible to Dutch consumers; accessible and well-arranged with a wealth of flavor variations, side dishes, and sauces. Nice and different, yet safe.

The design concept made all the different products into one family. The packaging makes you familiar, regardless of whether it concerns the ingredients, flavor variations, or by-products. Color coding and illustrations have been used. Product photography is arranged always from the same position with the same understated style. This creates a clear line, recognizable by the fresh green basic color. Illustrations of Eastern icons subtly refer to the heritage of the dish and a playful font has been chosen that is powerful but not screaming. The AH logo is integrated in such a way that it gives a qualitative added value so that an exotic product still feels familiar.

With this contemporary, distinctive line, we have succeeded in preparing the traditional Dutch consumer for a recurring Asian taste experiment.

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