Super Foodie

Private Brand: Super Foodie
Retailer: Yonghui
Country: China
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Daymon


Alexanders Reuts, Aileen Zhang, Dingyong Wu, Vivian Chan, Yimi Liu, Elizabeth Xu, Lynn Chen, Helen Wang, XiaoLi Chen, NaiWang Wen


Super Foodie is a new snack brand created for Yonghui Selection. In view of fierce competition among snack brands in China and young people as key snack consumers, Super Foodie is set off to be a dynamic and fun brand to reflect the consumer truth. A fun lion IP character was created to portray Super Foodie and to connect with “lion” in its Chinese brand name. Super Foodie can’t stop drooling whenever delicious snack is found. He tastes gourmet food around the world and loves to share. Every bite of food is a cheerful journey of Super Foodie’s taste buds. The lion character is versatile and designed with various interaction with products for brand storytelling, and is eye-catching on shelf, which contributes to better brand recall

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