Schnucks Olives

Private Brand: Schnucks
Retailer: Schnucks
Country: United States
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Equator Design


Jason Ulichnie, VP Own Brand, Schnucks Markets Inc.
Amber Jacobs, Design Director, Schnucks Markets Inc.
Jennifer Gaeto & Don Dzielinski, Creative Directors, Equator Design
Alicia Gaines, Lead Designer, Equator Design
Charlie Kuoni, Account Director, Equator Design
Angie Hunter, Creative Account Manager, Equator Design


Schnucks Olives had the opportunity to introduce a new, distinctive look and feel that would break from a traditionally executional focus to an interesting, easy to understand design. The final outcome needed to help customers comfortably navigate within the complicated range and deliver a fresh approach to showcase the product. All of these challenges were achieved while creating stopping power at shelf that Schnucks can own.

The design hero’s the product (olive), rather than hiding it in a serving suggestion. Each type clearly communicates the different contents including size, cut, and type of olive.

Our response includes a hyper-realistic illustration of the product. This was combined with billboarding colors of yellow, purple, and red accompanied with clean, bold, vintage-style typography to communicate provenance and nostalgia.

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