AH Zuivel

Private Brand: AH Zuivel
Retailer: Albert Heijn
Country: The Netherlands
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: VBAT


Ditte Glebbeek , Sr Design Director, VBAT
Evelyn Hille, Account Director, VBAT


Better for animals, nature & farmers

Albert Heijn (AH) and Royal A-ware are the first to take steps to make the fresh dairy shelf even more sustainable with a program that is better for the cow, nature, and farmer.

The assignment was twofold: develop a packaging concept for basic AH dairy products and a logo that would work as a hallmark for all AH dairy products.

We chose to translate what the sustainability program entails as a storytelling design, whereby the packaging concept is detached from the logo concept.

The packaging concept is typical of Dutch Design: minimalist, unconventional with a touch of humor. The packaging forms a “billboard on the shelf” in favor of sustainable dairy. The sustainability logo is detailed in a traditional way: reinforcing the new packaging yet working as a stand-alone on other AH dairy products.

The result: two completely different design concepts that almost contradict each other in terms of style and color. Bold, distinctive, and widely applicable to the total AH dairy portfolio.

The sustainability program has since been copied by both premium brands and private labels.

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