El Corte Inglés Special Pizzas

Private Brand: El Corte Inglés
Retailer: El Corte Inglés
Country: Spain
Category: G4. Frozen
Agency: Supperstudio


Paco Adín, Creative Director, Supperstudio
Lourdes Morillas, Account Director, Supperstudio
Susana Seijas, Account Manager, Supperstudio
José Antonio Rojano, Corporate Private Brand Management, El Corte Inglés


The recipe is the difference. The special pizza range of El Corte Inglés focus on the recipe the communication line. The selection of a common color bottom for all taste join the range under the same key visual and make more relevant the differentiation. In this case, the selection of a hand style font reinforces the main characteristic of this range, and also make more premium the perception of the product.

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