HEMA Water inflatables

Private Brand: HEMA
Retailer: HEMA
Country: Europe
Category: H11. Toys And Games
Agency: Magnet Design firm


Richard Mooij, Design Director, Magnet Design firm
Kirsten Wiarda, Manager Brand Identity & Packaging, HEMA
Laura Vermeer, Project manager, HEMA
Richard Mooij, Design Director, Magnet design firm


If Dutch retailer HEMA is famous for it’s essential and recognizable design, this range of summer inflatables couldn’t be more on-brand. With its neutral approach, it sure kisses the holy grail of stripped-down design HEMA is known for. The magic however is in the contagious big idea of presenting a range of summer products looking like they have been dropped into mini swimming pool packaging. Even a steel step that leads into the pool is included on the front and proves that God is in the details. The result is spot on and couldn’t have been more refreshing, happy, summery, and inviting to take a plunge. All toys have been designed exclusively by HEMA and represent the retailers’ most famous icons like HEMA’s smoked sausage, Takkie the Dog, tompouce pastry, and summer ice cream.

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