Private Brand: M.I.N.T.
Retailer: Woolworths
Country: Australia
Category: H12. Kitchenware
Agency: Woolworths Australia


Timothy Meredith, Senior Designer, Boxer & Co.
Mark Haygarth, Creative Director, Boxer & Co.
Sophie Challenor, Head of Non-Food Brands, Woolworths FoodCo Marketing


Woolworths approached us with a brief to create a new brand for kitchen accessories. They needed us to develop a motivating proposition that could span a large cross-category product range including kitchen tools & prep, cookware, bakeware, and ovenware. The key to this project was to link the brand proposition to the “joy of food”.

We created an aspirational brand with a purpose to inspire the foodie in everyone. The packaging needed to be fresh by nature, conjuring an emotive association with cooking. The design looks and feel consists of bold, macro food photography combined with an expressive paint brushstroke to evoke the passion of creating culinary masterpieces.

With navigation being key in this category, we developed packaging that was clean, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to read – harnessing some consumer-friendly product benefits and helpful tips for keeping your products for longer.

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