Enhanced PLUS+ Water

Private Brand: Member’s Mark
Retailer: Sam’s Club
Country: United States
Category: G6. Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
Agency: Equator Design


Jonathan Stiers, Senior Creative Director, Sam’s Club
Carrie Mapes, Account Lead, Equator Design
Josh Weigelt, Designer, Equator Design


PLUS+ Water, the new electrolyte water from Member’s Mark, is 100% intent on communicating product benefit through unique designs. “Art + Water = Something Better” became the mantra and tagline for this premium enhanced water from which all the other elements flowed, hence the sub-brand name PLUS+ Water. Featuring a collection of unique badge-worthy designs that together highlight the product benefits (added electrolytes) and establish a unique and ownable name in the market.

Driven by the new tagline, the creative collaboration resulted in designs incorporating depictions of water in various forms. From abstracted liquids and aqua-inspired icons to a representation of the water-cycle, each bottle tells a unique story.

Hydration meets style, as the clear label substrate showcases crystal clear water and allows maximum contrast with the vibrant, abstract graphics. The large bottle structure allows the consumer to stay hydrated for hours and accessorize their look with these aspirational bottles.

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