411 - new Annecy-3-Bottles-Essence-copy1Annecy Mid-Tier Essence Extension
RETAILER: Mannings (Hong Kong)
COUNTRY: Hong Kong
CATEGORY: B2. Redesigned Brand
AGENCY: Passionfruit Asia Ltd.

Create a better tier offering for ANNECY – higher quality, more precious, more premium than the baseline. Sourced from Japan, the design is clean and premium, with modern colors and a distinctive, white bottle & dropper, connecting with Asian women seeking high performance at a good value.


  • Client Lead: Segolene Defline
  • Brand Management: Wency Kwok/Mr. Timothy Lo
  • Project Leadership: Mr. Craig Briggs
  • Brand Strategy: NaO Design Trends
  • Graphic Design: Harumi Kubo

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