Brand: Prince & Spring
Country: United States
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Prince & Spring

These fan favorite fruit-flavored snacks animate snack time just like they do our everyday conversations. Our initial approach to this concept sought to showcase the fun of the product in a way that would appeal to children and adults alike. We decided to shape the actual fruit gummies into emoji shapes and shortly thereafter the concept of Fruitmojis was born. The packaging features bright, playful colors and emoji illustrations positioned on a muted burst which allows the imagery to pop off of the box. The product name is presented inside a text message chat bubble, apropos for’s mobile centricity. The side panel features a conversation among the emojis in which they reference their respective flavors (in puns of course). The tagline, “U Talkin’ Snack”, ties each element of our concept together — conversation, snacks, emojis.


  • Jeff Gamsey – VP of Private Brands
  • Chris Cheung – Creative Director
  • Vera Atamian – Senior Designer
  • Annslee DeLuca – Brand Manager & Copy Writer
  • Brandon Wehmeyer – Senior Product Developer
  • Monica Kim – Senior Graphic Designer

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