ALDI Runik Wine

Brand: ALDI
Country: USA
Category: G5. Beverages: Alcoholic
Agency: Equator Design

ALDI has built an enviable reputation for sourcing high-quality wines that combine great taste with an affordable price point. The Runik label suggests a deliberately different wine choice, drawing on gothic influences to evoke a sense of mystery and drama. Using classic black for the main red wine label color, paired with Celtic runes-based graphics, visual interest and texture were added to the label. Red and metallic silver inks and a hand-drawn font with a backward-facing letter K add impact on shelf and continue the alternative theme. Combining matte and metallic finishes, texture, and raised varnish—as well as bold and “hidden” graphics—creates a label with a multifaceted sensory appeal.


  • Designer: Mark Grey and Kasi Turpin
  • Creative Director: Jennifer Gaeto
  • Account Manager: Sarah Joyce
  • Account Director: Sophia Arconti

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