Fresh Wood oven Pizza’s

Brand: Jumbo
 Supermarkten N.V.
Country: The Netherlands
Category: G1. Fresh
Agency: Od design studio

Private labels have the privilege to offer a wide range. And that privilege creates an important obligation; leadership and sincerity. Jumbo demonstrates leadership by introducing this design. OD has come up with a concept that cleverly and playfully involves the brick kiln in communicating the positioning of this assortment of pizzas.

What’s special about this design? This: the concept (‘in the oven’), the use of the natural strength of cardboard, the graph (mosaic), the visibility of the ultra-fresh product and the clear product communication.

It is, therefore, the best pizzas that Jumbo has to offer that you have to bake yourself at home. And those pizzas are of good pizzeria level. With the design, OD has interpreted the familiar pizza box in a new way so that you feel that this is a ‘real’ pizza that you will be baking at home.


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